Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blind Hem - part 2

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First image is cloth guide (seam guide), second image is blind hem foot.

In order to achieve a blind hem with the serger - the RIGHT needle (no left needle) must just penetrate the fold of the fabric less than 1/8" in from the fold. It will most likely trim away the excess of the raw edge of the flat edge of the fabric.

To do this - most people use a blind hem foot or a seam guide. For some sergers the blind hem foot requires that you lower the cutting blade. Whatever one works best for you or feels more comfortable - is the one to use.

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I have been thinking alot about new serger projects and some of the accessory feet that make my serger life so much easier.

There have been inquiries about doing a blind hem on a serger. I may have addressed this before, but if you ask I will revisit.

It is done using the blind hem foot or seam guide. And you need to use either a 2 or 3 thread flatlock stitch. It does take practice - a lot of practice but once you get the hang of it - you will love the results.

Years ago before I had a 5 thread serger I used to use the above technique to hem knits all the time.

Hope this helps.