Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Been on the road....

I had a thought a few days back. I was remembering when I made a serger quilt using old sweaters. It was really challenging until I used hairspray to prep the squares and prevent them from unraveling. So my thought for the day is - if you can't find your seam sealant.....use hairspray as a temporary fix.

Believe me, the hairspray really helped when I was making that quilt. I flatlocked the squares together using heavy weight decorative thread.

For my Christmas stocking friend. I hunted forever for the pattern and couldn't find a simple one. I only found the one I did using tissue lame and flatlocked odd pieces together to make a decorative (not really usable) holiday stocking.

One year I made miniature stockings and filled them with cinnamon scented potpourri to hang on the tree. I made several as gifts. They were treasured and my sister and some of my friends still have them.

Well, It is getting late and I travel again tomorrow. In a couple of weeks I will have some down time and I will post some projects.

Serge away my friends.

Love Maddie


  1. Thanks Ms. Maddie, I found a serger Christmas sotcking pattern and have already made two and will make more! It comes from a book called "Ready, Set, Serge" it is a fun pattern, completely done on serger. It's not very big, but now I have pattern I could always enlarge it. Hope you have a great Christmas!

  2. Glad to here it!!!!

    I enlarge on my copier. If need be - I cut it in half and enlarge each section. If you don't have a copier go to Kinkos or staples. Happy Holidays!