Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fun Tote

This is a graphic rendition intended only to provide a basic idea.

One of my favorite and different shape totes is a "round" one.

I use a yardstick compass to create a large circle on a piece of poster board to create a pattern. (You decide how big you want it.)Then of course I cut it out.

1. Cut two from fashion fabric.
2. Cut two from lining fabric. (On the lining fabric you could add pockets if desired)
3. Leaving about a 3" opening - serge one lining to one fashion fabric. (Remember when you serge in a circle - if the fabric starts to bunch just slightly lift the presser foot for the fabric to relax. Do not lift all the way up as you might disengage the tension. MAKE SURE THE NEEDLES ARE IN THE FABRIC WHEN YOU LIFT THE PRESSER FOOT!!!)
4. Same for the remaining fashion fabric and lining.
5. Turn right side out and tuck in the excess fabric at the opening. Either hand stitch or catch it later when you topstitch.
6. Now you need the sewing machine.
7. Topstitch the circles together but leave a large enough space at the "top" to insert stuff and actually be a tote bag.
8. Make carriers or use cording for carriers and then attach purchased handles or metal macrame rings.

I have covered macrame rings with fabric for a special touch.

The fun is that you can make the circles really big or really small. Later this week I will post a pic of a round tote bag I made. It is too early to go down to the basement and look for it.

More to come!!

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