Monday, July 25, 2011

Cover Stitch "only" machine

Me - after a long day. But smiling on the inside.

I have had some inquiries as to the benefits of a cover stitch only machine. From my experience I think it is beneficial to have both a 4 thread serger and a stand alone cover stitch machine. Of course it depends on if you have the space to accommodate both as well as your sewing/embroidery machine.

I think I may have touched on this before, but it is probably worth mentioning again. With a cover stitch machine you have the capability of gathering down the center of a strip of fabric. Making the kind of ruffles that look super duper on a blouse, totebag, purse or hem of a (square dance) skirt. :-)

Oh, and great for pillows too.

In addition you can put heavier weight decorative thread in the chain looper and do some fierce embellishing!

I have actually done "entire" construction using the cover stitch machine. It gives you a seam that has three rows of stitching and the serger stitch on the under side of the garment and/or fabric. And with the belt loop accessory I have made straps for dresses. Very impressive!

So if you have any questions about the many features of a Cover Stitch machine, just ask.

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  1. I have both, and let me tell you, I LOVE it! When I gather up all of my items to sew (by color, of course) and have my sewing machine, serger and cover-stitcher threaded up and ready to go, I can whip out professional looking garments in no-time flat! It's amazing! By having all three ready, and orgazing my sewing by color, I can get so much more done (and much more nicely) than if I had to stop and re-set my serger for cover-stitch ability. Additionally, because they're separate machines, I can stagger their servicing appointments! My sewing machine was the most expensive of the bunch, my serger was a second hand bargain, and my cover stitch is a Brother, brand new and worth every penny! I rarely finish a garment without it.