Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cleaning your serger

One of my favorite pics. Just wanted to share it.

There are so many different opinions of how to remove the lint or fabric fibers from the inside of your serger.

Way back when I had my first serger someone told me NEVER blow into the machine with canned air. They said it actually forced the fibers into the machine and eventually into the motor. That scared me and stuck with me forever. Professional maintenance people know how to use the canned air to remove the stuff.

So, I usually vacuum out the fibers with an attachment for my vacuum cleaner. Or I use a small piece of polar fleece or lint brush (designed for the serger) to get the junk out of there.

I clean my serger after every project! Depending on how often the serger is used I apply oil as needed and where the manual indicates the points or places it should be oiled. (Some sergers do not need to be oiled, so check your manual.)

Keeping the serger clean and oiled is essential for superior performance and longevity.

Another place that needs attention is the tension disks. As a suggestion, take a piece of white cotton fabric and dip it in rubbing alcohol and then fold in half and floss the individual disks. This will remove any fibers, threads snips, pet hairs (including bird feathers) from the disks. When something gets into the disks this can affect the tension settings.

Hope these hints are helpful.

Have a great week!


  1. Hello Maddie,
    I'm so happy to have found you!
    I'm a new overlocker user and I'm having serious problems finishing off a rolled hem (in the round) armhole edge - when I get back to the beginning I always end up cutting a couple of cms of the start of the hem leaving me with bare fabric. I have no more seam allowance left as I've tried so many times now!!
    Hope you can understand what I mean.
    Oh, and another question... have you ever used Gutermann Skala 200 (U151) and if so, do you think it's too thin/fragile to use as overlocking thread and especially with a 4 thread seam. I 'm asking as the current thread I'm using, Cometa 120 tex 027, is too bulky on thinner fabrics and I can get the Skala 200 for a good price on the internet if I order at least 12x 10000m cones.
    Any advice would be truly appreciated. Thanks and have a lovely day.

  2. You need to serge on top of previously serged rolled hem for about 1", then stop with the needles up, gently pull the fabric away from the needles and then serge off. Sering on top of the previously serged edge is essential.
    As for thread I am not familiar with the thread you mention. BUT - if you want to use a thinner thread, as long as it is strong enough to hold the seam - then why not??? I use all different weights of thread in my serger. Most of the time it is because I need that thread color. Always test on a scrap of same fabric before you actually use it.
    Thank you for joining my blog!!!

  3. The pleasure is all mine!!! and thanks for yur advice.