Friday, May 27, 2011

Different way to edge a quilt

I forgot to take a picture - so here is a graphic that I hope is helpful....
I was at a friends last week and she had a quilt she had finished that had a ruffled edge instead of binding. Of course she serged it all right sides togehter with the ruffle sandwiched in between and then turned right side out. I am sure we have all seen baby quilts finished that way - but never a full size. It was beautiful.

First she rolled hem enough lengths of strips of fabric to go around the entire quilt twice. Then she gathered the raw edge of the long strip (you could do it in sections for a faster finish). Finally she layered the gathered edge between right sides of the raw edges of the quilt. She serged all four sides and left a small portion open for turning right side out.
Turned it right side out and WOW!!!
Close the opening by hand sewing. :-)

I just loved the way this quilt looked. Ruffles instead of binding!! Kind of looked like it had a bed ruffle attached.
Sweet idea. Give it a try and let me know. I plan to make one this summer.

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