Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Accessory Feet

Love this picture!!!!

I may be traveling down the same road as before, but I have had many inquiries about accessory feet.

I have the following feet
1. Blind hem foot
2. Beading/pearl foot or attachment
3. Gathering Foot
4. Cording foot
5. Piping Feet (2)
6. Elastic attachment foot
7. Ribbon attachment foot
8. And more that I can't remember the names of.

Some I use more than others, but when an accessory foot makes the application easier - I USE IT!

If you check the website for your machine, there usually is a list of accessory feet available for each model. I just saw for the first time a "Curve Guide" for one of my machines. I am going to order it and try it out. Get back to you later.....

Sergerama Mama


  1. Just found your site and love it! It's hard to find a lot of info on serging. I bought myself a serger this past Christmas and am learning all time. I've bought a lot of feet and taken classes. Love all your hints and tips. Hope you have more free pattern ideas. I made your ironing board cover! What a geat idea. Thanks so much.....

  2. Thank you!!!! I am super thrilled that you enjoyed the ironing board cover - make them as gifts too.