Monday, April 4, 2011

T-Shirt dresses

Spring is fast approaching and what a great time to make some T-shirt dresses for little ones. Some of you may remember this technique but there are plenty of you out there that have never heard of it.

You take a little girls t-shirt, embellish or decorate as you desire.

Measure the circumference of the hem line. Multiply it times two. Next decide how long you want the dress to be when completed. Serge the two short ends together to form a tube shape.

Hem one end of the tube. The other end set up the serger for a 4 thread gathering stitch. Gather it and then set up the serger for a regular 4 thread overlock stitch.

With the gathering on the bottom and the t-shirt on the top, attach the gathered portion to the t-shirt. (You will be sewing in a circle.)

This is a quick and easy little sun dress for your favorite little one.

Note - if desired, you could use the old faithful pillowcase for the bottom portion, make it long and it will be like a prairie dress. Of course another option is to cut the t-shirt shorter so the top is like an empire waist dress. There are so many options using a t-shirt as a base for the top - just let your imagination run wild....

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