Thursday, March 3, 2011

Very Easy Pillow Covers!!!!

A long time ago I used to watch Sewing With Nancy on a daily basis. I sure learned a lot from that show and purchased quite a few of the notions that she promoted. This morning I remembered a project that I loved and made dozens of them over the years.

I have several old shirts from my husband that we used to throw away or give away. But they make sensational backs for pillow covers. You can make any front that you fancy (quilt pattern, tapestry, print fabric, embroidered, weaved strips etc.)THE BACK IS THE BUTTON DOWN FRONT OF THE SHIRT. MENS OR WOMENS. SOME LIKE TO KEEP THE POCKET SO THEY CAN PUT STUFF IN THERE IF THEY TAKE THE PILLOW TO A SPORTS EVENT.

I set the serger up for a four thread decorative stitch with decorative thread in both loopers. Then with right sides together, just serge all four sides. Remember to turn it CLOCKWISE for sharp corners! Hide the thread tails with the double eye needle and YIPPEE, you end up with a quick, easy, fun new decorative throw pillow. A great way to give a new face to an old pillow.

Note - this is one of Nancy's old favorites.