Friday, January 21, 2011

Serger Lace

This is something that has been done many times using many different techniques. But I thought maybe some of you have never heard of it or done it. So here it is.

Take a strip of wash away stabilizer. (Looks like interfacing but dissolves with water.)

Set up the serger for a 4 thread decorative edge stitch. (put heavier decorative thread in both loopers.)

Serge the edge of the stabilizer, then serge just slightly on top of the edge of the previously serged edge. Note - stitches catch on the edge.

Keep making rows until you have made enough lace for what you would like to attach it to. suggestions - tote bag, purse, blouse cuffs, collars etc.

Using variegated, metallic or different color thread - makes sensational lace. also if you use ecru color thread - looks vintage or antique.

This is also a great start for making flowers or corsages.



  1. Hi, So happy I found you. I just purchased a serger and found it does not do all the stitches that you mention. What type of serger do you have? Mine does not have a chain looper of 2 stitch capability. What are the most important features? It also came with a blind hem foot and gathering foot. Are there any other accessories I would use if I plan on doing some of your projects? Thanks in advance, Edith

  2. There are two types of sergers - 4 thread and 5 thread. A 5 thread has a chain looper and does cover stitches. A 4 thread is the most common serger that most people have for the sewing. I have a Janome serger. If you let me know what serger you have maybe I can make some suggestions for stitches you may enjoy.

  3. I have a Brother Model 1034D serger..compact overlock. It has an upper looper and a lower looper and a left and right needle. It does four thread serging, soft gathering, three thread serging, edge hemming, lingerie seams, lace joining. 3 thread flatlock topstitch, flatlock applique, decorative lace, rolled edge, spaghetti straps heirloom stitch, pin tucking. Some extra accessories I can order are elastic tape foot, pearls and sequins foot, pipping foot. I already have the gathering foot and the blind hem foot. Does it pay to order any of the other accessories? Thank you so much.

  4. I will research your model and give you some suggestions. Sounds to me like it will do just about everything you could want. Before you purchase more accessories, use what you have. learn the machine and how to adjust the tensions to achieve the stitches desired. For gathering - even with the foot, check out my setting suggestions on the blog. I will get back with you soon.

  5. You have the greatest ideas, thanks.