Wednesday, September 22, 2010

picture frames for hanging

Here is a graphic - I will post pictures later today.

This week at the nursing home I taught picture frames. Usually they are done on the serger - quick and easy. But for them it had to be on a sewing machine.

I love these because I make them in all shapes..circles, hearts, cathedral, square and rectangle. It is so easy to make the templates. For the square - trace a square shape on a piece of poster board or card board. Next trace it again on another piece of poster board. But on the second one - measure and trace a line about an 1" in from the outside line. Round all corners. Cut out the middle and now you have the front and the solid piece is the back. Cover the back with a piece of fabric and use a hand sewing needle and thread and do a running stitch to pull it around the shape.
Now cut a strip of fabric about 4" x 45" or width of fabric.
With WRONG sides together fold in half lengthwise.
Set up the serger for a rolled hem. Just skim the edge, don't cut too much off.
Rolled hem down the long side - not the short ends.
Cut a slash in the side of the front piece of poster board. Now shirr the tube fabric onto the front section.

Place a piece of ribbon on back (for hanging on the wall) of the solid piece and glue the short ends of the ribbon to where the running stitch is hold the fabric to the back.

Arrange the picture between the tubed piece and the back and secure with lots of fabric tack glue.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pillowcase Dress

Here is a photo of the dress my BFF Sandy made for a class she was teaching. I have not made one yet. I will make mine with two shoulder straps - just to be different.

There have been so many requests for a photo that I finally did the search and got it. Enjoy!!!

ps - I know the weather is changing for those of us in the North - but you Southern Belles - the sun is always shining for U.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sew News Article

My article about serger problems is in the Sep/Oct issue of Sew News!

Correction - they referenced the wrong graphic for #7 and #9 they should be reversed.

BUT ANYWAY - I AM IN SEW NEWS! If you get a chance pick up a copy and take a look!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cute little project

I am working my day job and assisting people with their sergers..of course. For one of my demonstrations I make a quick little serger purse. I have made it many ways but today I had to think a little quicker so now it has a different twist.

This is a great gift idea for little girls or lovely ladies.

Cut 2 pieces of fabric 6" x 9" and a piece of 1" ribbon about 30" long. (may use longer if you like - always test first.)

Take one of the 6" x 9" pieces of fabric and fold in half to yield 6" x 4 1/2". Using your fingers make a crease.

Now take one end of the ribbon and with raw edges together place it on the crease. (If you like you can secure with gluesitck).

Using a 4 thread overlock stitch - Place the fabric pieces with right sides together and the one end of the ribbon laying flat on the crease - serge down the long side (that has the ribbon end).

Now place the other raw end of the ribbon on the other long side where the crease is. You may want to secure the ribbon and make sure the long loop of the ribbon is away from the long raw edge.

Serge down the opposite long side.

Turn right side out. Fold where the ribbon is sticking out (this is the strap). Depending on what side you want facing out turn again if desired.

Now serge across the bottom catching all four piece of fabric. Turn right side out and you have a cute little purse. Either for wearing around the neck or over the shoulder.

When I have featured it before it was called a pocket on a string. But you can do so many things with this cute little purse...embroidery, applique,couching, quilt squares and so on and so on. I may have posted this before but it is worth posting again. The little girls that I made it for today just loved it and I made them out of scraps of fabric that I had in a bin. The biggest hit was a scrap I had of Princess fabric, Dora the Explorer and of course frogs. I had such a wonderful time!!!!

Takes about 10 minutes to make. Have Fun!!

You will surely put a big smile on a little girls face.