Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fun with a 5 Thread

Using the chainstitch on the five thread with decorative thread in the chain looper can open a whole new world for U.

On the wrong side of the fabric you can draw a design using a blue water erasable fabric marking pen. It is recommended if using cotton that you adhere it to a stabilizer in preparation for this technique. If it is paper backed then you can most likely use a regular ink pen and ruler. (When complete, if possible remove the stabilizer.)

This is a fun technique for embellishing pillow cases, pillow covers, wall hangings or lap robes (mini-quilts). I have used this technique for embellishing ready to wear garments also.

For beginners - you may want to start with drawing straight lines.
For fun use different color threads in the chain looper for each line. (Yes you have to re-thread the looper, and remember to remove the thread form the eye of the needle when you re-thread to avoid issues of knotting.)

Check your manual for tension settings - I used stitch length 3 and tightened the needle thread just a little to create a seed looking stitch.

SPECIAL NOTE - to end and lock the stitch - lift the presser foot, sweep the needle thread towards you, clip thread leaving about 3" and then pull the fabric (garment) to the rear of the machine or away from you. This will result in the needle thread going to the back and forming a knot.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Holiday Wreaths

Along the same lines as making the picture frames - you can easily make a Holiday wreath using the same technique.

Using a Styrofoam wreath form, measure the circumference of the tube, then add about 3". this will allow for the seam allowance and shirring onto the tube. Cut two strips the width of the fabric (44"-45") by the previous measurement.

For example the circumference is 10", so you would cut two strips 13" x 45". Serge the short ends together to make the tube approximately 90" long. (You may want to turn the short ends under before you start to serge the long side.)

Set up the serger for a rolled hem or a 3 thread decorative edge. (For the rolled hem you may want to use Wooly Nylon thread. For the decorative edge you may want to use Candlelight thread in both loopers.)

With WRONG sides together fold the long strip in half lengthwise and serge down the long raw edge.

If the Styrofoam wreath does not have a cut for shirring on the fabric - cut one.

Now shirr the fabric onto the tube. Glue the cut Styrofoam section in place.

Once the fabric is on the wreath you may want to add poinsettias, bells, bows or any embellishment you like.

These make great Holiday gift ideas!!

For ideas - just put "Christmas Wreath using Fabric" in your search engine. There were several super ideas! I was reluctant to post a pic from another website - there were just so many cool ideas - please go look around!