Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Serger Needles

It is very important to check your manual for the correct sizes and type of needle recommended for your serger. I do not suggest using sewing machine needles for your serger - EVER!!!

Some sergers require an ELx705 type needle. This is a special type and should not be substituted for any other needle type. Some Singer sergers require Singer ONLY needles. They are a different size and type and machine specific.

I have been asked that when working with knits etc. type fabric - should you use a ballpoint needle. If your serger manual indicates that there are Ballpoint needles available - then ok.

Some Pfaff sergers use schmetz needles and they do have ballpoint.


If that information is not listed in your manual - go to the website for your serger and surf for information. Most websites have a FAQ section and you can ask an expert.

Change the needles often. Usually after a project is completed I change the needles. But if I am making a table runner and napkins - I finish what I am working on completely before I change the needles. They are cheaper than having the machine serviced. A bent needle can damage the loopers. They are very expensive to replace (which includes a labor cost). Burrs on the needles which the naked eye can't see can cause runs in the fabric or skipped stitches. If you run a section of pantyhose on the needle(s) and it catches - STOP and change the needles.


  1. Oh my!! I feel like a complete idiot. I have never purchased serger needles. And my serger and I do not get along. This is most likely the reason! I just never thought to even check if I needed different needles.
    Maybe this will help my relationship with my serger now.
    Thank you!!

  2. Goodness gracious - no wonder you and your serger have not bonded. It's like not brushing your teeth. (Tehehehehe)(Just funning)
    Thank you for your comment - hugs and waves to you from New York!

  3. My serger plainly says it uses household sewing machine needles but, if there is something better, a secret you know that I don't, please DO elaborate!


  4. Most serger manuals say specifically what type needle to use. Maybe if I new the model I could be more helpful. For example Brother and Pfaff use some schmetz needles, singer uses singer needles etc. Some sergers have it on a sticker on the inside cover of the front of the serger. I really haven't heard the term household needles for a while. That was before we were familiar with needle sizes and types (i.e. size 14, size 12 etc.)

  5. Please help! My serger doesn't have screws or anything to get the needles out , and they're both broken!