Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Making banded hems for Pillowcases

When you want to use only the serger to make Pillowcases - it is easy and super quick.

Take an old Pillowcase and use as a pattern. Since there are 3 different sizes - Standard, Queen and King Size - best to use whatever size you prefer.

Measure it and then add for the seam allowance.

Cut on the fold of the fabric to reduce the number of seams.

Serge down the long side, then serger across the bottom.

Now fold up the hem and press. Now fold it inside so that the right sides are together. Now serging in the round (cut a notch to start) and serge all around the hem. Fold down and press seam up towards the body of the pillowcase. DONE! And quick as a snap!!!

Note - Always test first. Use a miniature piece of fabric so that you understand how to fold the hem.

If desired you could add a strip of lace, ribbon or any trim you like in the fold so that when you fold down the hem and press you will have embellishment (made EZ). Give it a try. I love making Holiday Pillowcases for family and friends.

BTW - I am working on the video. Hopefully soon, I will have it posted.

Happy Serging!!!

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