Sunday, July 18, 2010

Winter is coming......

Here is picture of me and my father. To him I owe much for he always believed in me and encouraged me to follow my dreams! I am so glad that I can now do for him.....

Believe it or not Winter will be here before you know it, even though Hot Hot August is next door.

I have seen so many pretty Shams and foot warmers in my travels and I always say I am going to make some when I get home. Haven't yet.

But the difference I saw in the Hotel Pillow shams is that they are part of the quilt or bedspread. To explain a little - a tube is formed at the head of the quilt so that you can insert the pillows. Was pretty neat and the colors they used were just grand.

Then there are the foot warmers. Sort of like a large table runner for the end of the bed. A different way to add just the right touch. So if your quilt or bedspread is print or solid just add a complimentary color foot warmer. And of course they do keep your feet toasty. I really like this idea and hope that I will make some for Christmas presents for family and friends. Just think how quickly they can be completed (a lot faster than making a whole quilt).

Another gift idea is a mini-throw for the car. I have made several of these as presents and some for myself. You know how cold the car is when you first get in until the heat kicks in. My husband gets in the car and cranks the heat up. But at first cool air comes out of the vents. So needless to say I am chilled to the bone. So I made some throws for the car and I cover myself while I wait for the warmth. Usually I make them out of fleece or flannel. When completed they are about 36" x 48", but you can make it any size you like. If you are creative you can make them into a quillow or pocket pillow so that the mini-blanket can be folded up into a pillow when not in use. (I have used them for airplane trips too!)

Just some ideas you can write on your calendar for making in September.

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