Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's New Pussycat?

Here is a picture of Jerry and MiniME laying on a towel in the window in the kitchen.

I love animals as I am sure most of you do too. I have lots of leftover scraps from projects I have made over the years. Why not make a bed or throw for your pet.

Set up the serger for a 4 thread stitch.
Cut the pieces into squares - if you can cut them all the same size that would work. But if not - piece the scraps together. Once you have a completed piece about 24" x 36" ( or smaller depending on size of pet) then join it to an old towel or section of and old blanket. (My cats love to lay on towels so I know this is a recommended texture for felines.)

This is a good gift for a friend or loved one who has a pet that they consider a family member.

How about some questions?????

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