Sunday, July 11, 2010

Serger Books - you asked and here it is! :-)

Many people have asked about reference books for sergers. Here is a list of some of the serger books that are in my library. Some may be out of print - but you can always check the internet.

1. Kwik-Sews Swim & Action Wear -Kerstin Martensson
2. 10-20-30 minutes to sew-Nancy Zieman
3. More Polarfleece Pizzazz-Ruthann Spiegelhoff
4. Creative Sewing Ideas-Singer
5. Sewing Lingerie-Singer
6. Easy Guide to Serging Fine Fabrics-Kitty Benton
7. Sewing with Sergers-Gail Brown & Pati Palmer
8. The Ultimate Serger Answer Guide-Naomi Baker, Gail Brown, Cindy Kacynski
9. The New Creative Serging Illustrated-Pati Palmer, Gail Brown, Sue Green
10. Sewing with an Overlock--Singer
11. The Complete Serger handbook-Chris James
12. Serger Shortcuts-Joann Pugh, Gannon & Hastings

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