Saturday, July 17, 2010

Scarves 4 everyone

Scarves as an accessory are so popular AGAIN! You can purchase any length of fabric (usually chiffon, organza, batik, silky knit, fleece etc.) and make a beautiful decorative designer scarf. Depending on what width you like - 12" 10" 8" 6" and so on you will be able to complete this project in about 15 minutes give or take.

Some people - take a scarf and double it to form a loop and them put the ends through the loop. Others make a double ring around the neck and tie in the back. Then again some tie in a bow, single knot, or just have it hang down loose.

How do you make a scarf - first take a tape measure and drape around your neck to see how long you would like the scarf to be when done. Write it down.

Next decide how wide you want the scarf to be - say about 10". Write it down. Cut the fabric to the written measurements.

Set up the serger for a 3 thread rolled hem or picot edge. Using the directions previously given for sharp corners - serge all 4 sides. Be sure to leave long thread tails and dab with seam sealant, twist threads and let dry. When threads are completely dry - trim as needed.

A more challenging way to make a short scarf is to cut a square about 24" x 24" (suggested but not in stone). Fold in half and then cut to the center on one of the folds. Serge the center cut raw edges - do not serge them together, not together (This is challenging because it is an inside corner but you can make it rounded) and then serge all the remaining raw edges. Your neck will be in the center of the scarf and then tie the two pointed ends in the front.

They make great gifts for any occasion. You can add embellishments galore - applique, beads, fringe, trim or anything your heart desires!!!


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