Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Fun

My BFF Amy loved to make reversible skirts for the summer. She used chiffon or a very light weight flowy fabric. She would take a piece of fabric (hip size plus about 4" extra by the length from your waist to your ankles, example hips 42" and length from waist to ankle - 30". So cut a piece of fabric 46" x 30". Then fold in half to yield 23" x 30" (Make sure it fits and has room for movement)and serge up the long side. Then take another piece of different color or print of the same type of fabric and do the same thing.
Using a rolled hem or picot edge - serge all around the bottom of both skirts (separately - not together!)

With right sides together place one skirt inside the other, serge all around the top to join the two skirt pieces. Now turn right side out so the seam at the top is inside.

Then cut a piece of 1" elastic to fit your waist.

Using the sewing machine - sew about 1 1/2" down from the top to form a casing to insert the elastic. Be sure to leave a 2" opening to insert the elastic.

Insert the elastic, sew the cut ends together and then sew the opening closed.

And YIPPEE - You have an AMY skirt(s).

You will be impressed at how the two different fabrics compliment or contrast each other.

But remember - this was not my creativity - it was my BFF - AMY.

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  1. Great idea thanks! Looking forward to more serger tips.