Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kitchen chair cushion covers

I have oak chairs in my kitchen around my round table. On the chairs I have cushions that tie on the backs of the chairs.

To make some summer covers I was thinking about making flange back covers and use bias tape for the ties. (Using a flange back you can remove them and wash them as needed.)

I haven't made them yet, just an idea floating around in my head.

Cut a piece of fabric long enough to go around the entire cushion plus about 9" and the width of the cushion plus about 4" give or take. I will try it on first and secure with pins to be sure of the fit.

Then fold under the short ends about 1/2" and then 1/2" again. You can serge or sew the ends.

Next with right sides together fold over the long ends to the size of the cushions but make sure you have about 1" or 2" extra room for when the cushion flattens out when someone sits on it.
Note - when folding place the bias tape strips where the ties should be.

Now just serge across the bottom and the top and you are done.

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