Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ironing Board Cover - gift

I have made so many ironing board covers for myself and several for family and friends.

First - not all ironing boards are the same size, I learned that the hard way.

But they are so easy to make and quick. Yet they make a wonderful gift for yourself or someone else.

I took two pieces of newspaper (or pattern making paper or something similar and tape them together as needed). Lay them on top of the ironing board and trace around the shape of the ironing board. Next trace a line about 3" outside of the original line. (For the graphic I added blue lines to denote where the corners should be rounded.)
Cut out the pattern on the outer line with the rounded corners.

Place pattern on fabric (I usually make two at a time because with the fabric folded in half it is plenty big enough for both).

Set up the serger for a 4 thread balanced stitch or with a slight gather.

If you have an elastic gathering attachment, place it on the serger. The attachment makes it much easier.

Starting on one of the straight sides attach the elastic all the way around. When you get back to where you started I serge about 2" on top of the previously serged elastic and then just serge off.
I use this same technique to make crib sheets.
It is so quick and almost a no brainer with super results.
I have so many ironing board covers for all the seasons, including my Christmas one. I thought about taking a pic and posting it but they are so stained cause I do crafts and have oops on them it wouldn't look good enough to share. SO hopefully the graphic will be sufficient.

Note - I used to go through about 4 irons a year until I got my T-Fal. Just absolutely love it better than anything else. My BFF Valora told me about T-FAL, what a gal! I have now had the same one for 2 years without any problems. Yehaw!!!!!


  1. What width of elastic do you recommend?

  2. I have always used bathing suit elastic because it holds up better with washing, it is 3/8" and cotton lycra. Thank you!

  3. What would you do if you don't have an elastic gathering attachment? I would love to try this as I need a new cover.

  4. If you don't have an elastic gathering attachment - then just attach the elastic with the serger - BUT stretch the elastic a lot as it advances to the needles. You can't pull right away because you will bend the needles, but once it catches then pull from the back and the front to stretch the elastic. I would start at a straight side, place the elastic under the foot just past the needles and then start to serge. As I said before, once it catches then stretch the elastic as you go. The more you are able to stretch the elastic the better. Careful not to bend the needles.

  5. How much elastic should one use for an ironing board cover? For example, 6 inches shorter than the circumference of the cover?

  6. I never really have measured, because I just use a bundle or the spool of elastic. But if I remember it is probably about 3/4 the circumference of the ironing board. that may suffice. I will check in my archives and see if I gave a measurement when I taught that class. But If you buy a package of elastic - that works. Whatever is left over - make scruggies. :-)