Monday, June 7, 2010

Duvet Cover - sorta

This is a graphic using colors that would show the idea. Hope it helps to understand the technique.

My mother-in-law also likes to sew and she gave me a good idea that I thought I would share.

Take two flat king size sheets or whatever size you want. RECYCLE.
Cut off the top bindings. On one cut a good size diamond shape in the center. For the raw edges you can put lace or do some sort of reverse applique. (The whole can really be any shape - but it must be a good size because you will need to insert a blanket later. Be sure to finish the whole before you serge the sides together).
With right sides together - serge all four sides (4 thread balanced stitch).
Turn right side out.
Insert a blanket and you have a delightful duvet or mock quilt. If you want the blanket to always be in there - you can stipple or stitch down the center opening and all four sides with a conventional sewing machine.

But I kept the whole open so I could remove the blanket and use just as sort of like a bedspread.

It looks really pretty done it all white or ecru. There are so many options for this that once you start thinking about it - your imagination will go wild.
Let me know if you try this and how it turned out.

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