Monday, May 10, 2010

Pants - a new idea

This is a picture of my Sister (she taught me how to sew) and my niece. As you can see my sewing room needs some TLC. :-)

Usually when I make pants whether using knit fabric or cotton - the seams are always on the inside (according to pattern instructions). This morning as I sit here in my pajamas thinking about all of you and what to write, I noticed that my pj bottoms are on inside out.

Thought or maybe a new idea - How about using a rolled hem for the side seams and make them on the outside???? This would be easy to do and add a decorative line down the outer side seam. You could even use a contrasting or same color thread. For me it would have to be gold metallic. ;-)

Imagine how cute this would be for kids clothes, even little dresses, jumpers or shorts. Depending on the type of thread used it could look like piping. (Thread suggestions - wooly nylon, Heavy wooly nylon or Jeansstitch.)

When you test on scrap fabric (be sure you do) and if you get pokies or thread hairs - try using a water soluble stabilizer on top. Once the seam is serged just rip the excess stabilizer away.

Summer is fast approaching and we are always looking for new ideas. Take a pants pattern that you have made before and give this a try. I am going to as soon as I get dressed, have my coffee and open both my eyes.

Have a sergeriffic week!