Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thread Nets

First and Foremost - Welcome New Followers and thank you!

Had some unexpected things to do this week, couldn't get to posting projects - but I will this week.

BUT - I have had questions about thread nets vs. spool caps. I have never had good luck with thread nets. The thread got caught in the ends of the net and jerked the thread and made a mess. Whenever possible or needed I just put a spool cap on the top of the thread to allow easy off of the thread from the spool. (That's when I use regular sewing machine thread or small spools)

If the thread feeds of better horizontally - then I use a horizontal spool feeder. It is a gizmo that snaps on to the spool spindle and then you put the spool on the horizontal stick. Then just pass through all the thread guides as usual, including the top guide of the telescope.

There are so many notions available to make life easier when serging. Some I have listed in previous posts just scroll down and take a look.

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