Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Smocking with a 5 thread serger

One of my BFFs told me she was doing some smocking on a dress for her granddaughter. When I told her that I had once taught smocking on the serger - she said "WHAT, HOW?"

This is done with a 5 thread serger - the triple cover stitch using the 3 front needles. Set up the serger for gathering (needle tensions may need to be adjusted to a higher number, lengthen the stitch and adjust the differential feed). The trick is place elastic thread in the looper. To prevent a lopsided look, you may want to go up one side and then reverse direction. You will need a lot of fabric because it does bunch up the fabric like smocking.

Testing on scrap fabric first is a MUST!

When I taught this class we made a book cover. For the crisscross stitch - we used the chainstitch.

You may not want to try smocking but give the elastic thread a try in the looper for a different effect. But please note - do not cut the thread too short - the elastic thread will snap back and the stitches will unravel. Tie the end threads in a knot to secure the stitch.


  1. Hi Ms Maddie Serger. I have been searching high and low for some method to do the elastic serging on my Huskylock 936 Serger with no solution. Could you please make a "Show Me How" video or something to help those of us who want to make nice sun dresses, skirts, etc?
    Thank you, Vanessie

  2. I put some hints on today and I will look in the archives to see if I put anything else. Thank you for reading my blog!


  3. Oh I am so excited... What type of serger to I need to buy to do this? I would also love to see a tutorial. I don't understand what you mean to put the elastic thread in the looper. I am winding elastic by hand and need to get a serger that will do this. YIPEE. I would love any other advice...