Sunday, April 4, 2010

Knit fabrics

Sergers love knit fabric. Since serger stitches have a bit a stretch to them or ease then this machine of wonderment is perfect for Knit type fabrics. Also great for Lycra, spandex and silky knit fabrics. Years ago I used to make bathing suits and I was ever so glad I had a serger!

Tips - lengthen the stitch a bit to accommodate the sponginess of the fabric. Short stitches tend to make the fabric stretch to ruffle OUT. (lettuce edge)
Use new needles for every garment and good thread. Be sure the serger is cleaned out of all dust and debris. You don't want a bit of lint serged into the seam. Been there done that - don't you do it!

Occasionally I would use a narrow three thread stitch with wooly nylon in the loopers. Reason - soft feel of seam that touches the skin.

There are many patterns for knit fabrics - I have used most if not all of them at one time or another. I do like the Kwik Sew books.

Cutting- use a new blade in the rotary cutter! Don't use pins - use pattern weights or cans of vegetables to hold the pattern in place on the fabric. (My sister made me some pattern weights by filling baby food jars with colored rocks. They work super.)
Pins - if I have to use pins - I make sure that they are brand new! A burr on a straight pin will damage the fabric. If I am scared then I use a washable glue stick to hold the fabric raw edges together. Just a few dots of gluestick will do the trick to keep the fabric from shifting.

Be sure the cutting mat is clean. I bought the gizmo for smoothing the self healing mats. Not that impressed with the results.

I am testing a new mat - will post comments soon.


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