Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Designer Poncho

Making a poncho from chiffon, silky knit or any sheer light weight fabric is fun and easy. You can even make one out of lace.
1. Cut fabric approximately 45" x 60".
2. Fold fabric in half to yield 45' x 30".
3. Using a template or large dinner plate - cut a hole at the top for the neck opening - to fit your head.
4. Set up serger for rolled hem or picot edge.
5. On the right side of the fabric - serge all the straight raw edges. Note - remember to turn the fabric CLOCKWISE to start a new corner.
6. With contrasting or same fabric - make bias tape to bind the neck opening.
7. Using a conventional sewing machine - attach the binding to the neck opening.
8. DONE!
9. If desired - sew up the two sides starting about 4" in from the side - at the bottom and going up about 6" - 10". Different look but sweet!
10. Optional - Make poncho triangular. Same instructions - just fold the fabric to make a triangle before you cut the neck opening.

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