Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Carry on Cover up

This warm and cuddly little cover up is perfect for the frequent flyer. It rolls up and attaches to your carry on luggage so no packing is required. You can also use this cover up when riding in a car during cool weather. Actually it has many uses - you decide!

• 2/3 yard of print cotton fabric
• ½ yard of solid cotton fabric (for embroidery or fabric of choice)
• 1 yard flannel

Fabric Cutting Instructions

• Five 10 ½” squares of print fabric
• Four 10 ½” squares of solid fabric for embroidery
• Nine 10 ½” squares of flannel

Notions and thread

• One 10” x ½” strip of ribbon
• Two 14” x ½” strips of ribbon
• Iron-on tear away stabilizer
• Washable glue stick
• 1 spool decorative serger thread
• 2 spools of 60 wt serger thread
• Scissors
• Blue fabric marking pen
• Plastic quilting ruler
• Straight pins
• Seam Sealant
• Hand sewing needle (optional)
• Floss threaders
• Double eye needle (for hiding thread tails)

Fabric Preparation

1. Arrange the nine flannel squares three by three.
2. Place the print squares and embroidered squares (optional - use whatever fabric desired)on top of the flannel squares with wrong sides together. Arranged squares should resemble a nine patch.

Embroidery is optional

1. Set up the serger for a 3 thread wide flatlock.
2. Use ½” seam allowance for flatlocking and edging.
3. Adjust the left needle tension to ½, the upper looper to 2 ½ - 3, and the lower looper to 8.
4. Adjust the stitch length to 3, the differential feed to 1.0.
5. Thread the lower looper with 60 wt. serger thread, the upper looper with decorative serger thread and the left needle with 60 wt. Serger thread.
6. With wrong sides together (white flannel) flatlock square 1 to square 2.
7. Open stitches so squares lay flat. If desired, press on the wrong side.
8. With wrong sides together stitch squares 1/2 to square 3 to form a row.
9. Repeat for second and third rows. There should now be three rows of three squares.
10. With wrong sides together flatlock row 1 to row 2.
11. Open from the back and press if needed.
12. With wrong sides together flatlock rows 1/2 to row 3.
13. Open from the back and press if needed.
14. Trim as needed to yield a 30” square.
15. Move the left needle to the right position and adjust tension to 4.
16. Replace 60wt. Serger thread with matching decorative thread in the lower looper. The same thread and color as used in the upper looper.
17. Adjust upper looper tension to 5 and the lower looper to 7.
18. Set the stitch length at 3 and the differential feed at 1.0.
19. Take two of the four pieces of 14” x ¼” ribbon and place them to the left of the center square. Secure with glue stick and/ or straight pins.
20. Take the remaining two pieces of 14” x ¼” ribbon and place them to the right of the center square. Secure with glue stick and/or straight pins.
21. Take the 10” x ¼” ribbon and place it about 1” in from the seam on the center square on both sides.
22. Serge across the top and catch all the ribbons.
23. Serge the remaining three sides.
24. Fold and roll up and place on carry on luggage for trip to paradise.

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