Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Straight Pins and the Serger

Most of the time it is suggested that you use a washable glue stick in stead of straight pins. WHY? Because if you forget and serge over a pin it may put a knick in the knife or damage the loopers. If you must use pins then there is a recommended direction for the pins to be inserted into the fabric layers. Vertical - not horizontal.

The more experienced you become you may want to use pins - but you must be alert at the wheel. Beware of stray pins - the knife (blade) will act as a guillotine and chop off the head of the pin. Who knows what will happen as a result. A broken needle in the eye is not worth it! Or perhaps you are like me and wear cheaters when you sew. :-D


  1. I am very cautious with using pins and serging. If I need to use them, I always pin them a couple of inches to the left. If it's a place that needs to be stable because of a seam matching or something, I just simply hand baste that area before serging. Then I don't have the worry of forgetting a pin.