Monday, March 29, 2010

Round Table Cloth

I can never find the right color or size round table cloth for my kitchen. Because my husband doesn't like it to hang down too far I make it 60" round for my table.

Takes a bit of fabric BUT I have been really happy with the end result.

Cut four 30" squares of fabric.
Using a 4 thread overlock stitch - stitch two of the four squares together. Then take the two remaining squares and serge them together. Now you should have TWO sections that each have two squares. Align the seams and serge them together so that there are four squares and one piece. Fold them so all four squares on piled on top of each other. Take a plate or something that will give you a rounded corner and draw a line and then cut off the corner so that it is rounded. Now set up the serger with a decorative thread in the upper looper (Jeansstitch or 25wt cotton quilting thread) Adjust the settings for a Picot or rolled hem. Remember to notch to start and then edge all around the edge.

A perfect table cloth and the color will be just what you want. if you want the table cloth bigger them measure the table, do the math, and make it the size desired.

This tablecloth can be completed in less than ONE HOUR!

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