Thursday, March 18, 2010

More about flowers

This pic has nothing to do with this post - but the pillows are edged with Candlelight (metallic thread). EZ, Quick and fun!

You can also rolled hem the one long edge with fishing line or thin wire. There is an accessory foot available that allows you to insert the line/wire so that it is placed to the right of the right needle and just to the left of the cutting blade. The foot works great. But if you want to try this without the foot - just go slow and once you catch the line/wire it should go pretty smooth.

Think about the possibilities - make your own wired ribbon, wedding veil, hem on a square dance skirt......

Also, I mentioned in an earlier post about serging over yarn. BUT you can rolled hem over crochet thread. It has many different weights - try one that is about the weight of heavy string or light weight twine.

If you serge over yarn you can also use this to embellish (free hand) a ready to wear garment. Arrange the yarn to make a design or flower and then zig zag it down with a conventional sewing machine or a manual sewing machine (Hand sewing needle and thread).

Sergers can be so much fun and you can do so many creative things -

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