Saturday, March 6, 2010

Decorative Edge or Rolled Hem

For the upcoming holiday(s) you can easily make some quick placemats. Take two pieces of cotton fabric and place either batting or felt between the two layers to form a sandwich. An average size is 14" x 17" or whatever you decide.

Set up the serger for a 3 thread wide decorative stitch or a rolled hem or a picot edge. For a decorative edge stitch you can use pearl crown rayon thread (Designer6, Jeansstitch thread, Candlelight, RA polyester floss etc.) in both loopers and regular serger thread in the left needle.

BUT THE TRICK IS THIS-----ROTATE THE FABRIC CLOCKWISE TO START A NEW EDGE. THIS WILL RESULT IN A SHARP CORNER. When you start a new side don't try to start stitching on top of previous stitches. This often results in stacking. That means the needle is forming stitches around the stitch finger but the fabric is NOT moving. For the final edge - start with a small scrap of fabric (but leave a space tail about 2" between the scrap and the placemat) and then advance to the placemat.

Of course as always try this technique on scrap fabric FIRST.

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