Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Serger Projects

I know that Christmas is over - but it is never too early to get started on next year. Christmas stockings are so easy to make using the serger. Pattern shapes of the stocking are available in most books in your personal library. If it is not big enough then enlarge on a copier.

Making a quilt using fleece or double layer cotton fabric is quick and fun using the flatlock stitch (see earlier posts).

Table toppers, table cloths for occasional table (small round tables), bath mats. Speaking of bath mats - take a couple of old towels and serge them together. For a border you can add cotton strips.

I love making pencil holders out of cans (green bean size). Just measure and make a tube of fabric (double the height of the can)- of course serge the long side to form the tube. Then slip the can inside the tube (fabric right side out) and tuck the extra fabric inside. Then make a circle out of cardboard - bigger than the base of the can. Cover the cardboard with fabric and glue it to the bottom of the can. If you need more detailed instructions - just let me know.

Covers for the toilet tank - this time you can use elastic so it stays on. Sure - you can make a toilet seat cover too.

These are just some ideas. Not just for Christmas but for any occasion, birthdays, Easter, Mothers Day etc.

Have a question - just let me know.

Down to the basement to sew! Life is good.....

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