Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome New Followers!

Today I want to talk about "Unbalanced Stitches". Not so much for trouble shooting problems but for creating your own new stitches.
Set the serger up for 3 thread wide overlock stitch (left needle only). If you put decorative thread in both the loopers and then tighten the upper looper tension a bit so that both the looper threads come to the top side of the fabric - you will get a braided looking stitch. It is illegal but looks great and it is fun!

Set up the serger for a 3 thread wide overlock stitch (left needle only). Another one that is legal sort of - put jeansstitch or 25wt cotton quilting thread in the upper looper (lower if you want also), and adjust the stitch length to the setting for a picot edge or rolled hem you will get a satin stitch. Secret - serger it over a piece of 1/8" ribbon - WOWEEE!


Hope you like these different stitches. More to come as I remember.

Thank you all for following!

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