Thursday, January 28, 2010

Serger Notions - a must have!

For those of you who have trouble threading the loopers - go to any drug store and purchase "floss threaders" in the dental section. They look like blue loops with a tail. They are used for cleaning permanent bridges (teeth).
If you work with decorative threads then a "double eye needle" is super for hiding the thread tails.

If you like to use ribbon floss or thread that feeds off better horizontally - then a horizontal spool feeder will become your best friend!

Seam Sealant - there are many brands and I have used them all. I have no preference because they all work pretty much the same. Though if you ask around I am sure people will tell you their favorites.

Small very sharp pointy scissors. If you ever get a knot of thread wrapped around the needle plate you will be glad you have them. Been there - rough road!

Clear nylon thread for fixing ooooopps.

Next time I am going to go over some "mishap" terms like stacking etc. and give you some tips on how to get beyond the misery.

Til them - enjoy your serger and stitch away!


  1. just wanted to point out that I have been searching for floss threaders for years, and nobody seems to have them here in Australia.

  2. My suggestion would be for you to see if you can order them on line from Wal-Mart or a drug chain. I will ask some friends and see if they have any ideas.