Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Picot Edge

Same settings as rolled hem - just lengthen the stitch. Perfect for hemming delicate fabrics.


  1. Love your blog! What thread did you use on this edge?


  2. thank you. I used 25wt cotton quilting thread on some of the edges - just so they would show up. But for picot I really like to use jeans stitch thread by YLI. some sergers recommend using just regular serger thread. Depends on what look you want to achieve.. :-D

  3. I'd like to have it look like your "picot" edge. Do you use the rolled hem settings? My serger is an old Bernina 2000 - I'm very new to serging.

    Thanks, Lenn

  4. For a Picot Edge you can use the rolled hem settings EXCEPT you lengthen the stitch to about 2. (Assuming that your serger has either "R" or "1" for stitch length for rolled hems. I think I may have used either wooly nylon, jeans stitch by YLI or cotton quilting thread. But the idea is to use a heavy weight thread to showcase the stitch. Unless you are hemming delicate fabrics or bridal wear then I use regualr serger thread so the stitch is not so obvious.
    Thank you for your comment! I love it!