Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Flatlock stitches

These are flatlock stitches, closed and open flat.


  1. Hurray!!! Just what I needed!!

  2. What is a good application for this stitch? Is it better for knits, or for wovens? Also, do you use regular poly thread, or woolly nylon?

  3. If it is for a decorative look - I use pearl crown rayon or jeansstich thread. I use it on all types of fabric. Depends on what I am making. If you use it on fleece then it helps reduce bulk (for seams). Also it is great for making a quick quilt. I have one posted on the Janome projects site. You can use any thread you want - but may have to adjust the tension for the upper looper. Remember the upper looper thread needs to lay flat once the seam is opened.