Thursday, January 21, 2010

Buying a serger

A very sweet person asked me about buying a serger. She is a quilter and wondered if and why shy might need a serger. Well, I have made many quilts using my serger. The technique is quick, easy and loads of fun. It's a sort of flip and serge the layers as you go. Some of my serger quilts are posted on the Janome "projects" website. Go take a look. Then she inquired if she should buy a 4 thread or a 5 thread. I explained if you are a beginner serger then a 4 thread is more than enough to get started. Besides making quilts, you can make pajama pants (very popular with the younger people today), pillow covers, ironing board covers (they make great gifts), pillow covers, table cloths, placemats, napkins and the list goes on and on. I strongly suggest that you first think about buying a serger from an authorized sewing machine dealer. Most of the time they offer class - sometimes free. AND - if you have questions, problems or need service they are usually reliable and supportive. A serger is a delightful and useful compliment to a sewing machine. I couldn't exist without mine!!!
Well, back to the basement to finish my project.

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