Tuesday, December 15, 2009

5 Thread sergers

So many people think that 5 thread sergers are only for doing a cover hem or hemming knits. BUT - they are sensational for embellishing too. With decorative thread in the chain looper, set up serger for a chainstitch...and yippee you can create a seed stitch. Draw an outline or random lines on the worng side of the fabric and follow the lines. On the right side of the fabric you end up with beautiful seed stitching! Using a three thread cover hem you can also do reverse applique. Use a gluestick to adhere the applique fabric on the right side of the base fabric, on the wrong side of the base fabric trace the outline of the applique fabric. stitch on the lines and you will end up with a sweet applique. May take practice, but it works. Always test on scrap fabric. This prevents anger and disappointment.

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