Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Gifts

Sewing with the serger makes it fast and a lot easier. Some of my family members have asked me to make slippers again for Christmas. A long time ago I used to make the gals in the family new slippers and a robe for Christmas....haven't for a long time. SO, I pulled out the old patterns and made three pairs. You can do most of the construction on the serger - then attaching the sole you need to use a conventional sewing machine. There are many slipper patterns available. There are two that I like, one is like a slipper boot (favorite) the other is a like a shoe. If you need the pattern information, just ask????


  1. I would like the slipper pattern.

    Cathy Bremer

  2. The pattern is Timberlane Press Patterns #802. When I looked it up it looks the same as the EZ slipper socks. BUT I use upholstery vinyl for the soles. It is a little thicker but lasts longer than the slippers. It works best using polar fleece or knit fabric with stretch. I modified the pattern because I found them to be too wide at teh toe. Let me know it you need more info.